"Eduaardo Memorial Painting" 8x12 inch oil painting (finished May 2018)



"Heids" 6x6 inch oil painting (finished February 2019)



"Tea Time" 5x5 inch oil painting (finished December 2018)



6x6 "Tic-Tat-Toe" Oil Painting finished October 2018



6x6 "Mouse, Rocks & Leafs " Oil Painting finished July 2018




8 x 8 "Dog Blue " Oil Painting finished June 2018


"Wooden Bird" 5x5 oil paint on canvas. 



"5x10 "Acorns" Oil Paint on canvas




16X20 inch "Poncho Pose" oil Painting on canvas (finished  December 2017)


16X16 inch "Egg Layers" oil Painting on canvas (finished  October 2017)





"Dallace"  16 x 20 Oil on  canvas




8X10 inch "Brother Andy" E-Painting on canvas (finished  June 2017)


This 8 X 10 inch e-painting was done in memory of Marshall Buschman

for his parents Ralph & Sharon Buschman.




This 12 X 12 inch painting is of my daughters cat.




Jasper  "A Poodle Portrait" 8x16 inch Oil on Canvas.




"Onion" 5x5 Oil Sketch on stretched canvas



"My Elegant Still Life" Oil on Canvas



"Air Force Boy" Oil on Canvas




"Victor" 5x7 Oil Portrait for my very special friend & brother.



" Vaughn Bode Adoration Painting"   Oil on canvas 48 x 66 inches, done  for The National Lampoon 1972.




"Kayla4Linda" 11x14 Oil Painting







"REX" oil on canvas 30" x 36"


"CHICKS" oil on canvas 12"x 20""SORRY ORIGINAL WAS SOLD, but proof prints are still available



"MIDNIGHT SNACK" oil on canvas 12"x 20" SORRY ORIGINAL WAS SOLD, but proof prints are still available