This business card illustration is from a 18x24 oil painting portrait that I did of my son Chris 



"CHRIS" 18x24 inch (oil on canvas) of my son Christopher Michael Bode


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"Cargo Pants" 14x14 inch terra-cotta pencil drawing of Vincent & Royal


"Coloma Apple Cat" 8x8  inch water color (finished September 2021)



"Zek Hat" 8x8  inch water color (finished September 2021)




"Coloma Chicken Coupe" 8 x 10  inch water color (finished August 2021)



"Bird Feeder" 8 x 10  inch water color (finished June 2021)


Ezekiel Vincent Ocampo's 1st Birthday




"Ezekiel Vincent Ocampo" May 13th, 2021


"Royal Back Yard Water Play" June 18th, 2021


"Lauren in Flight" Blast from the PAST! E-painting Febuary 16, 2012




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"The Book of Vaughn"


Vincent's Oil Paintings

Drawings by Vincent 

Rodeo Drawings by Vincent


12 x16 "Little Feathers"  terra-cotta pencil drawing


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"Cindy, Mark, Victor, Ken & Vince"


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