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"Zeke's Zany Zoo" 11x14  inch water color  (finished June 2022)


"Royal Painter" 11x14  inch water color  (finished May 2022)


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"Cargo Pants" 14 x 14 inch terra-cotta pencil drawing of Vincent & Royal




"Ezekiel Vincent Ocampo" May 13th, 2021


"Royal Back Yard Water Play" June 18th, 2021


"Lauren in Flight" Blast from the PAST! E-painting Febuary 16, 2012




  see: Vinny Toons


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Vincent's Oil Paintings

Drawings by Vincent 

Rodeo Drawings by Vincent


12 x16 "Little Feathers"  terra-cotta pencil drawing


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"Cindy, Mark, Victor, Ken & Vince"


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