The BODE STUDIO Wish You a.... "BLESSED" December 



"Vincent & Friends" Wish you a Blessed Christmas!



Egg Layers 16x16 oil painting (finished October 2017)


See The Fall "Any Thing Goes" Art Show 

At Rancho Cordova City Hall October 22nd, 2017 to January 21st, 2018



Vincent's Entries

12X12 inch "Travis (the any witch way cat) acrylic on canvas 

 16X16 inch "Egg Layers" oil on canvas

13x16 inch "Cocoa & Toast" (water color)


She is with the LORD! 

Our "Adopted Older Sister" Cathy passed away on Friday Nov. 24th.

Lois & Vincent will miss her!



My latest watercolor

5x7 inch "Breakfast Sketch" water color (finished  October 2017)

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Drawings & Paintings by Vincent  

Vincent's  "SELFIE " 12x12 inch terra-cotta pencil drawing 



Some of Vincent's Commissioned Art Work


"the BOYS" 12x12 inch terra-cotta pencil drawings (finished August 2017)



6x6 inch terra-cotta pencil drawings of Maria & Estefania (commissioned pieces)



Jasper  "A Poodle Portrait" 8x16 inch Oil on Canvas (a commissioned piece). 



  About the Artist


This 12 X 12 inch painting is of my daughters cat.




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12 x16 "Little Feathers"  terra-cotta pencil drawing

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"Mikey sketch" 5x7 drawing 





"KARATE KID" 12x16 drawing of Vincent's 10 year old grandson

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